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Best Azure Services to Start With as a Developer

February 15, 2024




The Azure Platform includes over 600+ services that can cover every scenario that your business or organization may require.

However, if you want to get started, the overall numbers can be overwhelming. In this article, I will focus on the best services that you can start with as a developer. By mastering these services, you should be able to create a secure, scalable, performant, and highly available solution that fits your needs.

Here is the list that I compiled over the past 2 years of utilizing Azure. The list is not in that particular order and is based on my past experiences and the list will be updated on a regular basis. So let’s just jump into it.


Key Azure Services for Developers

1. Azure App Services

The most popular and commonly utilized fully managed Platform as a Service (PaaS) option for developers is Azure App Services. You can create, build, deploy, and manage enterprise-grade web applications in a short amount of time.

Azure App Services offers great scalability, security, and compliance coverage, as well as high performance through Auto Scaling services.

If you wish to host your web application, whether it’s running on your local VMs or on Azure, Web Apps should be your first choice.

2. Azure Functions

Azure Functions is built on the App Service platform and has a single goal: to execute code on demand. 

All you have to worry about  is the development of the process you want to do. For example, convert documents to a different file format as soon as they are saved by the system, or use the text search API to run text through automatically. 

You can construct almost anything using Azure Functions as long as you keep in mind that they are temporary. Until this function is invoked again, it will remain inactive. You will only be charged for what you use. There are no fees if there is nothing to process.

3. Azure API App

Azure App Service API App allows for secure and versatile REST API application development, deployment, management, and growth. API apps can be the answer if you’re looking for a highly scalable, available, and deployable API solution.

As it works with the same underlying architecture as App Service Plan, Azure App Services provides high scalability, security, and covers all compliance requirements, as well as meeting demanding performance through Auto Scaling of Services.

4. Azure Application Insights

Azure Application Insights is a fully managed Azure Service that assists in real-time monitoring of application health. This allows us to keep track of the application’s availability, performance, and user session. 

Application Insights allows us to monitor the health of our applications in real time. You can now track the availability of your application, performance issues, user sessions, and crash diagnoses faster than ever. It allows you to monitor your app in real time using a dashboard. It is simple to set up and configure, and it provides valuable data for your app.

5. Azure Storage

Microsoft Azure Storage offers massively scalable, highly available, and secure cloud storage for all data, as well as end-to-end backup and recovery solutions.

Once your data is saved to Azure Storage, you may use the APIs to easily access it. Microsoft Azure Storage can accommodate the following storage requirements:

Azure Blobs: A massively scalable text and binary data object store. 
Azure Files: Managed file shares for on-premises or cloud deployments.
Azure Queues: A messaging store that allows for reliable communication between application components.
Azure Tables: A NoSQL store for schemaless structured data storage.
Azure Disks: A block-level storage volumes for Azure virtual machines.



These are just some of the most relevant Azure services for developers. As the demand for cloud continues to grow, developers with cloud experience attract more job opportunities. So don’t get left behind, start your Azure journey now.

Written by Ethan

Cloud Solutions Architect. Full Stack Web Developer. Cloud Enthusiast. Gym rat. I'm a driven, detail oriented, Cloud Solution Architect based in Pittsburgh, PA. Experienced in both networking and software development cycles where I enjoy designing scalable, flexible and cost effective solutions with a focus on end user experience and business objectives. When I'm not working or at the gym I enjoy continuous learning, experimenting with new technologies and sharing what I learned to the communities.



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