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Free Microsoft Azure Virtual Training[May 2023]

May 10, 2023




Start your cloud career with 100% free Microsoft Azure virtual training. Whether you need help paying for a certification exam or want to learn more about Azure Cloud, this would be a great learning experience!

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure, formerly known as Windows Azure, is a public cloud computing platform developed by Microsoft. It offers a variety of cloud services such as compute, analytics, storage, and networking, serverless and containers. Users can select from these services to develop and scale new applications, as well as run existing on-premise applications in the public cloud.

The Azure platform is designed to assist businesses in managing challenges and meeting organizational goals. It provides tools for all industries no matter the size of the organization. Azure is also compatible with open source technologies. This grants users the freedom to use their preferred tool stacks.

You can sign up and reserve your spot here. For more Azure learning resources and practical projects, check out my Azure blog!

Written by Ethan

Cloud Solutions Architect. Full Stack Web Developer. Cloud Enthusiast. Gym rat. I'm a driven, detail oriented, Cloud Solution Architect based in Pittsburgh, PA. Experienced in both networking and software development cycles where I enjoy designing scalable, flexible and cost effective solutions with a focus on end user experience and business objectives. When I'm not working or at the gym I enjoy continuous learning, experimenting with new technologies and sharing what I learned to the communities.



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