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Dark Mode Finally Arrives On AWS Console

June 9, 2023





It has been a while since I logged into my AWS Console and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Dark Mode feature is now in open beta.

The AWS community seems to have been requesting this feature for quite some time. Many of us cringe at the thought of a white background thanks to our Dark Mode IDEs. The dark mode feature has now finally arrived on AWS and is available for open beta testing.

How to Enable Dark Mode?

Below are the instructions to enable Dark Mode because it is not enabled by default.

To begin, sign into your AWS account and choose Settings after clicking your account or user name in the top right.

Light Mode is turned on by default from there. Click Edit as displayed in the screenshot below.

Click on Dark under Visual Mode in the choice pane on the left. Dark Mode should be applied to the preview window on the right.

Click on Save and booyah you now have Dark Mode!

Written by Ethan

Cloud Solutions Architect. Full Stack Web Developer. Cloud Enthusiast. Gym rat. I'm a driven, detail oriented, Cloud Solution Architect based in Pittsburgh, PA. Experienced in both networking and software development cycles where I enjoy designing scalable, flexible and cost effective solutions with a focus on end user experience and business objectives. When I'm not working or at the gym I enjoy continuous learning, experimenting with new technologies and sharing what I learned to the communities.



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